The power of listening to your heart

Almost everywhere I go, somehow it comes up... people asking me about listening to their heart, and/or their intuition... What is it? How do I know when I am listening to it? Can I really trust it? Where on earth might it take me if I do? Will people think I'm nuts if I mention this? Do you think I'm nuts? :-) No, you're not. Your heart and intuition are powerful compasses for you to use and work with. And so, it seemed time to explore this more fully. Am so excited to announce our Listen to Your Heart Adventure - 28 days of listening to, exploring and playing with that amazing compass you have within you. I love the visual we are using for this blog, because - in my experience - this is exactly what your heart is... It's power. It's the thing inside that KNOWS. Believe it or not, that deep, powerful "knowing" doesn't really come from our brains. Even science today - more and more - backs so much of this up... It's learning that our brains/heads/mind tends to be really good at executing stuff, making things happen - not so good at being the compass. And yet, that is exactly what most of us are trying to do with it each and every day. And we wonder why we're exhausted and confused by the choices we're making and the results we're getting. Sigh... :-) In honor of this adventure I invite all of us - me, you and anyone you want to share this with - to take 5 minutes right now, take a big breath, go outside if you can and simply ask your heart just one question... "What do you want me to know or hear from you right now?" And then, just allow whatever wants to show up to show up. Here's the thing with that... some of us will get an immediate answer - I'm talking right then and there, loud as day, so loud you wonder if you've lost your mind. I promise you, you haven't. Others of us might hear something more like a whisper... a shadow of a thought or idea. Tune in and see if you can hear it. And others of us might not hear anything in that moment. If you don't, make sure to use ALL your senses... What do you see? How are you feeling? Who's around you? What are they doing? Something might be right in front of you that you aren't seeing or realizing is connected to your heart and this question. So be open as you can to listening beyond the ways you might expect. And if - even then - nothing comes, be patient and keep noticing more, because it is a 100% likelihood that the answer to this question is or will be around you within a few days at the most. The key is being open to hearing/finding it, and the magic that shows up when you listen to it.

Join us on our adventure... this is going to be a lot of fun!!

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