Interdependence is the yin to independence's yang.

On July 4th, we invited everyone to do their own declarations of independence and it was an awesome exercise. My declaration was mind-blowing. I had no idea that some part of me felt I was still playing "small" in life - especially my work - and wanted to be released from that. I play pretty big and yet, this exercise told me "NOPE! Not enough yet!" :-) I also didn't realize I needed independence from the seriousness I've created in my life of play and creativity ;-) My favorite part of all was this really incredible surge of strength and love by declaring my independence this way. It felt really powerful and good - a Wonder Woman-like setting of boundaries. That was cool and unexpected. Can

Time to declare your independence

This is our new fridge. It has ROCKED OUR WORLD. You're probably already thinking "Kirsten, you've lost it. The world's gone mad, this is supposed to be about declarations of independence/freedom and you're talking about your smudgy fridge!?" Yep. Bear with me and Fridge here ;-) We've had a "perfectly good" fridge for the last many, many years. It wasn't ideal, but it worked. Or at least, we thought it did. There were little "signs" that maybe it wasn't so good for us... all the food that was being thrown out, all the things we couldn't find because we couldn't see them, bending over or doing squats every time we opened it up (the only way we could kind of see or reach anything), the sub

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