Listen to the call of a few rocks

Creativity can happen anywhere. Sitting on the ground near a few rocks that call to your hands to play. Letting that call happen. And before you know it, you've created something. Maybe some sunshine. Maybe something that doesn't just make your heart smile, but the hearts of others too... Just like that... Just because you listened to the call of a few rocks who wanted to play.

Playing into the answers

Last summer, I had the opportunity to meet a handful of new JoyBots in Portland. Gary, my friend, mentor and the artist, asked me to pick one for a picture and to answer the question it posed. I didn't hesitate to pick this JoyBot. Not for a second. But when I actually had to answer the question, I froze. And then I froze some more while my mind took over... "Where are your improv skills when you need them!? What's wrong with me!? Come 'on, come 'on... ok... go with the first thing that comes to mind. Why can't you come up with anything?! Hmmm, yea. Ok. Everywhere and anywhere. Everywhere and anywhere!?!? THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY!? Seriously? That was weak." I was so hung up in judging th

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