Let them play cake

This summer, I went to pick my kids up from a birthday party only to find my son running around in pure, luscious joy - shirt off, covered head to toe in frosting and cake. To the credit of the family hosting the event, they actually initiated 'The Frosting' with the birthday boy and when it ballooned from there, they went with it. They let pure, messy, loud joy grow and run wild for a bit. What a gift. Imagine what all of our lives might feel like - be like - if we went with these kinds of moments when they happen and let them grow. If we let ourselves simply be in the purity of the moment in child-like wonder and joy... and worry about the mess later ;-)

Forget your perfect offering

"Ring the bells that still can ring... Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." - Leonard Cohen

No more "CREATIVE" intimidation...

So many people say to me "Oh, I'm not creative"... and even I - a creativity junkie - put too much pressure on the idea of "CREATIVITY". I have tons of projects I haven't started because I'm questioning whether I can achieve the desired result rather than focusing on enjoying the process. It can be so intimidating! But it's not supposed to be. Creativity can be as simple as putting a doodle on a school lunch note, or using colorful crayons to write it. Creativity can be as simple as finding a new way to look at an old problem. Creativity can be painting a tired wall at home a new, fresh color. Creativity is as simple as letting your heart play a little every day without judging it, just enjo

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