My friend Sam - one of the most soulful people I know - recently discovered she hasn’t been listening to her soul much at all. She learned she’s mostly in her head and doesn’t trust her own intuition - even though she thought she did/was. So, she decided to go on a journey to listen - as well as she could. She decided to o surrender her head to her heart/soul for a bit so she could find her intuition and connect on that deeper level to herself, and get back into balance. 


One of the first things she listened to was that her soul wanted to spend some time in the Nevada desert. So, she took her camper, with her self, and ended up in the middle of nowhere next to a pile of junk that people had brought out to shoot at and dump (all the campsites she tried were taken but she persevered!). She loves the desert, but hanging at a dump site wasn’t exactly where she thought she’d end up. So here she is, at this unexpected, somewhat undesirable place when a day or two into it she felt a calling to make art out of the junk… so - of course - she resisted ("Why would I play with a bunch of glass and broken up stuff!? I don't make art anyway."”)... and resisted ;-) … and then listened. 


She started working and playing and trusting. Not knowing what she was creating. The way this thing wanted to form on the ground didn’t make sense to her given the topography, but she listened anyway. Even though she wasn’t quite getting why things wanted to be where they were, she listened. And she played and she created. Even though it “didn’t make sense”, she trusted the process. 


And eventually, after a long day of creating and playing, she went to bed. Happy that she’d created, happy that she’d played and still pondering why things wanted to be where they were even though it made no sense. Until… 
























She woke the next morning to this… 












The heart that wanted to go in a place that made no sense was perfectly aligned to the sunrise. Perfectly. 
I call this her Soul Compass. But really this is a symbol for anyone’s Soul Compass. 

Listen to your heart. It knows how to find the Light. :-) 


An Epic Listen to Your Heart Story

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