Flight Camp


"Our secret weapon"   - Mary Ann Mele, Chief Strategy Officer/Partner 

                     I love how much flight camp pushes me out of my comfort zone.  - Flight Camper 


... working with a team of amazing people to train in taking yourself to the next level. 

... finding your innate and unique super powers, so you can thrive just outside your comfort zone, where the magic happens. 

... safely learning to use your super powers in the context of your real life - at work, at play, at home, anywhere you need them.

... being confident in your ability to turn even the biggest challenges into opportunities. 


... super-charging the "intangible" sides of yourself that make the biggest difference in today's wild, wild world. Things like your intuition, your creativity and your ability to improvise in the moment - to let go, notice more and to use everything available to you. 

...having a lot of fun, while creating seriously BIG and meaningful results along the way. 

And then stop imagining and sign up for Flight Camp :-) 

I find such value in the experiences and tools we explore in the meetings,
especially time management and learning to take bigger leaps in life and work. 



  • Pre-Flight Camp Training Download: 

    • Complete our online workbook to get a sense of you, what you are creating into and the challenges you face. This workbook will also identify where you're at right now in a variety of core areas, such as getting out of your comfort zone, creative problem solving, listening to your intuition, time management and much more. It does not matter where you are now, this is simply baseline so you can see how much you grow thru camp. 

    • Start to identify your core strengths with our Strengths Coach using Gallup StrengthsFinder.

  • Participate in Flight Camp KickOff with your team. 
  • Participate in weekly 1 hour Flight Camp Live sessions with your team. Each session is unique to your team's needs and development, customized around building skills relative to the context of your life/work, in the moment. So you can use what you learn immediately. 
  • Your choice: Local (Park City, UT location) and National (over Zoom). Your choice. 


Flight Camp opens minds to approaches or angles that are outside of your personal defaults.


  • Your weekly 1 hour LIVE sessions with your team, a literal power pack of good stuff to fuel your week. 

  • Access to your team's online portal - everything we do will be captured there for you to reference and work with.

  • Access to your team's SLACK channel where we can communicate and explore together outside of Flight Camp time. 

  • Ongoing videos, heartstarters and inspiration to help you take yourself to the next level. 

  • Your very own set of customized tools and lots of practice using them, so you can turn anything into an opportunity

  • Discounts on other RocketTrike Studios offerings (vary by offering). 

                        Gives me a time and place every week to focus on my development and growth.


Put your all into this experience and we guarantee powerful results connected specifically to the growth areas we pre-identify with prior to Flight Camp's Kickoff. Ask us about our guarantee. 


We are preparing to launch a handful of Flight Camps in March 2020. To learn more, set up a time to connect below. 

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