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Creative adventures that fuel heart and soul... 

Ready to step out of your comfort zone for a few hours? To unleash that inner child who remembers how to play, how to explore, how to follow their heart's content for a bit? Ready to rediscover how creative, resilient and able you really are? To unlock your unique gifts so they can thrive? If it’s time for you to fuel your fire and learn how to fly, we have an experience for you… 

Creativity is intelligence having fun.  - Albert Einstein

Signature Workshops

and Retreats

Have a big idea you'd
like to play forward?

Want to turn anything and
everything into an opportunity?
Love creating with others?
We have the workshops for you :-)

Retreats and Workshops

Make your own Rocket Box.
Meet your inner Super Hero.
Create your next chapter
and so much more. 

1 hour to 1 day workshops that'll put a smile in your heart and feed your soul. 

Heart Starters

Downloadable fun that let's your heart speak thru. Inner children love to play with this stuff. :-)


Yummy stuff your inner child will love. Unique, hand crafted items made with heart and soul to fuel heart and soul. 

Our Blog

Join us on our adventure to find and instill more creativity, play and flow into each and every day of our lives. 

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